Jack Emslie 1929 - 2010

The Stonehaven Fireballs Association will always be indebted to Jack Emslie. From our rather shaky start in early 2002 we knew that we had a strong supporter in Jack and he helped shape the organisation, its constitution and even its name.

Our information is that Jack first started swinging a fireball in 1948 and although he didn’t swing every year after that he did manage to swing at 44 Hogmanays until he stopped after the 2000/1 event. In 2004 he took on the role of ‘Official Starter’ & ‘Chief Paraffin Dispenser’ to help organise the starting and lighting up part of the ceremony, which he did until 2010.

Among Jack’s many interests The Fireballs were a strong subject that he promoted whenever he got the opportunity. Over the years he gave numerous interviews to reporters from TV, radio and newspapers about the history of the ceremony. He and his brothers, George and Bill helped keep the ceremony going when it looked as though it would die out through apathy. He used all his influence, when a councillor in the local area, to get the local authority to give the event as much support and help as it could to try and ensure that the ceremony would keep going.