Another amazing night. How lucky we are - each year seems to be better than ever. After all the storms, the rain, the wind, the flood, the mud, the muck - we get a dry, calm, clear mild night with an almost full moon! Perfect? Well as near as. The fireworks (by Fireworx Scotland) were very good – even better than usual as there had been a slight hitch last time so we got ‘good value’ this time.

Not only was all that in our favour but we are given over £7,500.00 for the flood victims by a very generous number of the spectators. That's five times what we were able to donate in 2010.

All the plans that were gone over time and time again worked well. Some of the last minute changes that had to be implemented because of the storm and flood damage didn't work so well but lessons have been learned and adjustments will be put in place.

As usual no problems were reported to the police - we all behaved ourselves!

The entry points were restricted to allow us to accurately count the numbers of spectators attending this year’s event. This was seen as necessary for health and safety reasons but proved to be use. When the cut off total (8,500) was reached at 23.20 and the barriers were closed it was realised that had another 1000 been allowed in (as would have happened in the past) the High Street would have been dangerously overcrowded.

It is sad when working out the figures that because we know that there were 8,500 in the area and that they gave £7,500 that means it was less than £1.00 per head. I know I saw £5.00, £10.00 and £20.00 notes being stuffed into my bucket so some were very generous. I wish them all the luck they gave away that night.

All the swingers enjoyed ourselves immensely - well almost all - MC wasn't exactly a happy bunny. All that effort for no reward! Jist nae affa fine.

Our thanks must go to all who made the event possible. The Aberdeenshire Council (south), Police, Emergency teams, Pipe Band and the drummers, all the sponsors, the marshalling team and anyone who helped in any way. It’s a huge community effort but the community benefits hugely.

We hope your Hogmanay was as good as ours!