In case anyone is concerned about the effect the bad weather might have on the Fireball Ceremony – IT WILL GO AHEAD – if at all possible.

In the one hundred and fifty plus years that this tradition has been going there is no record of it ever having been cancelled and that's another tradition we intend to keep to!

Sometimes it has been 'adjusted' slightly – blue flashing lights one year, incredibly fierce winds another – but it has always gone ahead.

Obviously, after the two recent floods in 2009 and 2012 when some of the area that we use for the ceremony was feet deep in water for days, we have to make contingency plans in case it happens in the run up to the 31st. Our thoughts are to have a Ceremony of some sort even if it was reduced in size. Obviously safety considerations would have to be taken into account, but none of us would like to see our continuous run broken.

See you there!