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If you want a good read about the Fire Festivals of Scotland then I can recomend 'Great Balls of Fire : A Year of Scottish Festivals' by Gary Sutherland (Birlinn). He covers most of the festivals & ceremonies and his style is great.

Something else to look out for is the December issue of Scottish Memories which also covers the fire festivals of Scotland.


For the duration of the Fireball Ceremony some of the piers at the harbour will be closed off on the advice of Grampian Police. People comming to the event are advised not to try and gain access to those piers, they will be policed.

Accommodation in Stonehaven

Planning to be in Stonehaven for Hogmanay? Looking for somewhere to stay? See The Stonehaven Guide for a list of local accommodation.

Fireball '09

The Fireball Ceremony for 2009 was an outstanding sucess. The weather was cold, though not freezing, and the wind was light. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. The combination pipe band (Stonehaven & Lathallan School) and the drumming group entertained the spectators from 11.00pm. Brochure and calendar sales/distribution went very well bringing in £2272.00 to help run the whole Hogmanay Festival.

Everything went according to the overall plans. There were no reported problems. The Fireworks went off at exactly the right moment - just after the last Fireball was thrown into the harbour at 00.25. The firework display was up to the standard we have come to expect - stunning!

The thousands of spectators in the harbour area who watched the firework display applauded loudly and long as the last firework died and seemed happy to stand around for quite a while after. However by 1am the whole High Street was swept clean and empty of people, barriers, bottles, plastic glasses, champagne corks, party poppers or cans. Credit must go to the Aberdeenshire Council workforce who come out every year and do so well. 

Below are the names of the 47 swingers that made up the procession in 2009 with the number of times they have taken part before.

Pictures and Videos

Stonehaven Fireballs 2008 Pictures and videos of the 2008 Stonehaven Fireballs  started to appear on the web very soon after the event was over. There are several videos on YouTube, with more being added all the time, and a really nice set of pictures courtesy of Gavin Shaw. If you have any pictures, videos, etc that you'd like to share, please do get in touch.


A Great Night

An ideal break in the weather allowed us to have an amazing Fireballs Ceremony for 2008. The rain stoped for the barrier setting out and then again it cleared from 9.30 untill after 1am. The total lack of wind also helped keep the evening feeling fairly mild. The huge turnout of spectators amazed all of us I think. I did not expect to see so many. The cars were parked up as far as the path into Forest Park off Mill 'o Forest Road. The Open Air In The Square organisers had noticed that their numbers were well up early on in the evening.

The lack of wind did have an adverse effect - the Fireballs took longer to burn out. There were more Swingers finishing in the 20-25 past midnight period this year. Last year most were done by 20 past. Quite a number of Swingers I spoke to were complaining of the effects of their exertions!

Thanks to Chairman Alan Venters and his team for another great event.

There were 46 swingers in total. The full list is attached. The press reports of 43 are my fault - poor accounting! On the accounting side, so far we know that the donations from the brochure distribution have raised £1638.00. This total may rise a little but even so it's great amount - nearly twice what we have raised in the past. Our costs have gone up this year though. Thanks to all who helped with the brochures - a fantastic effort.

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Fireballs on YouTube

Here's a clip from the 1999 fireballs that has just been posted on YouTube. If you can't see anything, it's more than likely that your employer has blocked your access to YouTube.

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