What is a Fireball?

Although something of a secret amongst the fireball swingers, the fireball is normally made from things like, coal, wood, old jumpers, fir cones all dowsed with a splash of paraffin.

Every swinger has their own preference as to the way they construct their fireball, but all use chicken wire and are checked and certified prior to the ceremony, for safety proposes.

The picture right shows some of the swingers with their fireballs prior to the "lighting"

Swingers with fireballs ready for lighting

Here is a picture showing the basic ingredients of the modern fireball, starting from the back left.

Old news paper, dried sticks or kindling, dry coal, old cotton rags, dried pine cones, paraffin, card board.

Fireball ingredients
The ball is then made out of a double skin of "chicken wire" stitched together with steel wire, this forms the container to hold the ingredients, which are packed into the ball.
Stitching the fireball
Once the ball has been made the handle can be fitted, this is always made from a double wrap of 4mm fencing wire. The handle length depends purely on preference and the swingers resistance to heat!. The shorter the HOTTER!

Fitting the handle

Different handle lengths