Where is the Fireballs Ceremony?

The Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony takes place on the High Street, Stonehaven.

Each year safety barriers are erected down either side of the High street, from the cannon at the west, to the slipway into the harbour at the east. These barriers can cause congestion later on in the evening so it is worth while getting a good spot between 10 and 11 pm on the night.

Marshals are stationed at each of the entry points to the High Street. Please follow their directions.

The Fireballs start at midnight but there will entertainment from 11.00pm onwards. A Pipe Band and  drumming band will play at various times from 11pm.

At 11.50 the pipe band will march away and leave one or two pipers who will lead the Fireball procession down the High Street.

Best spots have been said to be at the lighting up area at the Shorehead/Slipway and at the "Y" split in the road between King street and High street. As the swingers become tired (from around 00.15) they make their way to the Slipway and throw their Fireballs into the sea. This is worth seeing but can be awkward to get to as it can be a very busy area.

By 00.25 all the swingers will have arrived at the shorehead/slipway area and most fireballs will have been thrown into the harbour. At 00.25 the Fireworks will start, coming up from the Bervie Braes to the South of the harbour. They last about 5 minutes and are well worth seeing.


Stonehaven Fireballs

The Fireball Ceremony is Stonehaven's unique way to welcome in the New Year and greet friends and neighbours. As the midnight chimes ring out on December 31st, approximately 40 men and women parade up and down the High Street swinging fiercely flaming balls around their heads.


People start to gather in the High Street from 10.00pm onwards on December 31st. The Stonehaven fireball festival starts at midnight, and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

We have to close access to the High Street when we reach capacity. This can happen any time after 11.00pm, so don't leave it too late or you may be disappointed.

It is followed immediately afterwards by a fireworks display.



The Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony takes place on the High Street, Stonehaven.


Fireballs Webcam

Can't attend the fireballs in person? Don't worry - we've got you covered! We've mounted a web cam on the clock tower to give you a bird's eye view of the fireballs.


There is no entry fee for visitors coming to watch the fireballs ceremony and tickets are not required.

There is an opportunity to make a donation when you enter the event, and these donations help Stonehaven Fireballs Association with the costs associated with running the ceremony. 

All donations are very greatfully received. 

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